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Business Owners’ Thoughts on Threads

We surveyed over 400 business owners to find out how many are using the new app.

Updated: February 13, 2024
Threads vs. Twitter in Business

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly looking for effective communication platforms to engage with their target audiences. With the recent upheaval at Twitter, the new social media app Threads has exploded in popularity. Are business owners jumping the Twitter ship to join the Threads trend?

To uncover the true potential of these platforms and help business owners make informed decisions, B2B Reviews conducted a comprehensive survey of 417 business owners across multiple generations. Read on to discover firsthand business perspectives on the usage, benefits, and challenges of a Threads business account.


Key Takeaways

  • 31% of business owners plan to use both Threads and Twitter to reach their target audiences, but 35% don’t plan on using either platform.
  • Of business owners with a Threads account, 61% prefer Threads to Twitter.
  • 15% of business owners in the technology industry already have a Threads account, and nearly half (47%) plan to make one in the future.
  • 11% of millennial business owners currently have a Threads account, compared to just 3% of Gen Z.
  • Of business owners using Threads for their business, 77% use a “friendly and casual” tone in their posts, and another 35% use an “informative and knowledgeable” tone.
  • 45% of business owners using Threads think being a mobile-only platform is the biggest disadvantage of Threads.
  • 77% of business owners using Threads think ease of sign-up and Instagram integration—allowing businesses to transfer their Instagram audience to Threads automatically—is the biggest advantage of the platform.
  • Business owners consider the biggest disadvantages of Threads to be: Mobile-only platform (45%), no direct messages (39%) and no hashtags (39%).
  • Only 1 in 10 business owners think posting on Threads should be called “sewing,” whereas 2 in 3 prefer to call it “threading.”
  • 20% of baby boomer business owners do not have any social media accounts for their business.

Threading for Business

Social media is an essential aspect of business marketing. Whether posting photos on Instagram, videos on TikTok, or messages on Facebook, social media allows brands to reach out to customers more personally and authentically. As the newest arrival on the social media scene, Threads is quickly rising in popularity, and business owners already using Threads appreciate its easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with Instagram. If you’re searching for a new marketing outlet for your brand, Threads might be the platform you need.


B2B Reviews surveyed 417 business owners about Threads. The breakdown of survey participants was as follows:

  • By generation: 17% baby boomers, 29% Gen X, 40% millennials, and 14% Gen Z.
  • By industry: 23% retail, 12% media/entertainment, and 11% technology. Nominal percentages were in finance, education, healthcare, and other.

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