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Updated December 19, 2023

AutoCAD is a popular design platform used for both 2D and 3D models. It’s a comprehensive solution with powerful automation tools and the option to expand its features through add-ons as well as API access. You can even collaborate on complex projects while keeping both work and communication within the AutoCAD platform.


  • Solid user reviews
  • 30-day free trial
  • Comprehensive support resources
  • Mobile app available
  • Tools for architecture, plants, maps, and more

  • Higher priced at $235/month
  • Some concerns regarding ease of use
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What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D design platform that includes key features for architects and other designers. It’s available for both Mac and Windows, and there’s also an AutoCAD mobile app for on-the-go access. It’s worth noting that feedback for the Android app is more mixed than we found for either the iOS or desktop version.

To facilitate more efficient workflows, AutoCAD also includes collaboration tools similar to Google Docs and other productivity platforms. For example, you can share files within AutoCAD and customize access permissions for the recipient depending on whether you want them to be able to edit the document or simply view. AutoCAD also saves older versions so that you can see how a file came together over time.

autocad floor plan viewing screenshot

Viewing a floor plan while tracking recent modifications on the right-hand side. Source: AutoCAD website

Furthermore, the application provides a surprisingly powerful set of automation features that can significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. It’s easy to create custom key commands based on your needs, and you can even record keystroke sequences for convenient reuse later on.

AutoCAD is available through a monthly, annual, or three-year subscription. Alternatively, you have the option to pay for flex tokens that can be used at any time until they expire one year after your purchase.

autocad pricing screenshot

AutoCAD pricing including monthly, annual, and three-year rates. Source: AutoCAD website

AutoCAD offers API access as well as built-in integrations with many other applications commonly used by architects and designers. The AutoCAD app store includes nearly 4,000 extensions that add to the platform’s base functionality. However, while AutoCAD supports both Windows and Mac, many of the available extensions are limited to Windows users.

How much does AutoCAD cost?

AutoCAD plans start at $235/month.

Starting price:
$235 per month
Free trial:
30 Days
Free version:
Not Available

What’s included in every AutoCAD plan? AutoCAD only offers a single plan, but you can choose to pay monthly, annually, or every three years. The price decreases significantly for longer subscriptions — you’ll pay just $155 per month if you can commit to a three-year term. Note that you can also pay for flex tokens.

Which features does AutoCAD offer?

Architecture Software Features
2D Drawing
3D Modeling
Project Management
Data Visualization

Other notable AutoCAD features

  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile app
  • API + third-party integrations

What types of support does AutoCAD offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support
autodesk support center screenshot

Autodesk support center with common topics as well as product-specific information and links to download AutoCAD. Source: Autodesk website

AutoCAD user review highlights

We analyzed 4,843 user reviews about AutoCAD from five third-party review websites to provide this summary.

Based on our research, AutoCAD users are generally satisfied with their experiences. With that being said, we also found a number of recurring complaints that are worth considering before you invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars into the platform.

The most common criticisms relate to AutoCAD’s pricing, which may be prohibitively expensive for some designers. At $235 per month ($155 per month for a three-year commitment), AutoCAD costs significantly more than most of the other design software we’ve covered. Even customers who like the product have some reservations about how much they’re spending to use it.

  • Ease of Setup – AutoCAD performs slightly lower than other leading architectural platforms when it comes to ease of setup, and this is reflected in user reviews. However, some of the learning curve is inevitable considering the depth of features that AutoCAD offers.
  • Ease of Use – Similarly, we noticed many criticisms of AutoCAD’s general ease of use, and more specifically its user interface. Several reviews contrasted its relatively dated design with the sleek visuals of other, cheaper services.
  • Features – On the other hand, features and functionality are areas where AutoCAD excels relative to the competition. The drawing and editing tools are especially popular along with the platform’s deep flexibility thanks to add-ons and API access.
  • Quality of Support – While there are some mixed comments regarding customer support, we found that most users have had good experiences with the AutoCAD team. There is also an active support forum that makes it easy to get quick, informative answers from other users.
  • Value for Money – As noted above, not all customers are satisfied with AutoCAD’s pricing system. Several small-scale clients mentioned that they were having trouble justifying the higher cost of AutoCAD compared to some of its more affordable competitors.

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AutoCAD alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
AutoCAD $235/month 4
SketchUp $119/year 4.5

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