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Updated December 19, 2023

Robin is a cloud-based space management software offering real-time office maps and analytics to help managers optimize their space and make data-driven decisions. Robin allows companies to provide visibility into office activities, enable connection and collaboration among employees, and create spaces their employees want to use.


  • Strong analytics and reporting
  • Simple UI
  • Encourages employee collaboration
  • Increases data-driven decision making
  • Engages employees

  • Pricing details not available
  • Very limited free plan
  • Most manamgent tools only available at the enterprise level
Robin logo
Best for space analytics

What is Robin?

Robin offers many space management solutions to businesses, including desk booking, room scheduling, and visitor management. Each comes with thorough real-time reporting and analytics.

robin main dashboard screenshot

Main dashboard. Source: Robin login.

By using Robin’s space management software, you gain valuable insights into office, desk, room, floor, and building usage, allowing you to design spaces employees want to use. As a visual system, it encourages employees to plan their work week around who is in the office for greater collaboration and productivity.

Robin does an excellent job of detailing what goes into their three plans, including the free version; however, it does not provide pricing details. To get pricing, you must schedule a demo. Users are very pleased with Robin and report that it’s easy to use and provides excellent value.

Is Robin legit?

Robin Powered, Inc. has been in business since 2014. Since then, Robin made a name for itself by supporting vibrant workplace communities through encouraged connection. They believe in making work flexible, fulfilling, and fun through modern offices, shared experiences, and collaborations.

robin sample interactive map screenshot

Sample interactive map and easy layout on booking desks and spaces. Source: Robin Starter plan.

How much does Robin cost?

We were disappointed to find that while Robin goes into great detail on each of their three plans, it does not provide pricing details. A free version is available for up to 15 users on one floor.

robin employees' desks and preferred locations screenshot

See employees’ preferred location and what desk they are in. Source: Robin Starter plan.

What’s included in every Robin plan? Robin has three plans: Starter, Team, and Enterprise. The Starter plan is free for up to 15 users on one floor. It includes assigned and flexible seating, an interactive map, desk booking, room booking, visitor management, a mobile app, integrations with popular calendar apps, and 24/7 support.

robin's upgrade plan window to unlock other features screenshot

Analytics are only available in the paid plans. Source: Robin Starter plan.

The Team plan is the first paid level and includes everything in the Starter plan plus multiple location management, more integrations, insights, analytics, reporting, hybrid workplace trends, onboarding, and training.

The Enterprise level is a step up from the Team plan. It includes everything on the first two plans plus custom roles and permissions, location access controls, integrated user management, global hybrid trends benchmarking, directory, visitor documentation, and a dedicated customer success manager.

robin visitor management screenshot

Visitor management showing visitors for the day and allowing digital signage to greet them. Source: Robin Starter plan.

Which features does Robin offer?

Space Management Software Features
Interactive map/floor plan: in real-time to show where everyone is and when
Booking available for multiple locations: on the paid plans only
Management tools: the higher up in price point, the more management tools become available
Space utilization reporting: starting in the paid plans with real-time analytics and global benchmarking
Integrations: with popular calendar apps and more

Other notable Robin features

  • Workplace benchmarking dashboard
  • Wayfinding solutions
  • Digital signage

What types of support does Robin offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

Robin user review highlights

We analyzed 266 user reviews about Robin from three third-party review websites to provide this summary.

Robin receives many positive user reviews and just a few complaints. The complaints mostly have to do with the program occasionally glitching and the fact that if a user forgets to check in, their reservation is released and might be booked by someone else. A few users noted that more management tools would be a nice perk, like the ability to exempt specific users from having to check-in. In contrast, others say locker and car reservations would be a good addition to the software.

Regarding positive Robin reviews, users love the interface and find it incredibly easy to use and navigate, along with the mobile app. One user points out that all the tools offered have a clear purpose and work well together. Other reviewers are happy that it integrates seamlessly with their other programs, like their calendar apps, and many say that the floor plan view is a huge game changer.

  • Ease of Setup – like the user interface, reviewers find Robin set up very easy and require minimal training and assistance.
  • Ease of Use – one of the biggest selling points of Robin is the ease of use. Users are all impressed with the simplicity of the program and how seamlessly all the tools work together.
  • Features – Robin reviews indicate that the space management software has much going for it. Users appreciate the easy UI, the real-time floor plan, the integrations, and the mobile app.
  • Quality of Support – not much is mentioned in reviews about customer support – maybe not much help is needed, but we did read a few comments about helpful and friendly representatives.
  • Value for Money – reviewers find huge value for the price with Robin saying it’s more affordable than competitors and provides a ton of value.

Robin Contact Information

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Robin Powered
Boston, MA
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Robin alternatives

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Robin Request a quote 4.5
Envoy $3 / month / user 4.8
Skedda $5.83 per month 4.5

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