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Updated June 14, 2024

Helcim is a payment processing service that facilitates various forms of payment, including invoices, online checkout, recurring subscriptions, and point-of-sale. Users pay a variable rate on each transaction, but there are no additional charges other than the payment processing fee.


  • Supports various payment types
  • Reliable customer service
  • POS equipment available
  • Offers inventory management
  • Competitive (but variable) payment processing fees

  • Poor mobile app reviews
  • No gift cards or loyalty programs
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Best for SMBs

What is Helcim?

Helcim offers payment processing and complementary tools like inventory management and customer relationship management. It works with most common payment types, including online checkout, invoices, recurring subscriptions, and point-of-sale transactions. You can also use it to accept payments from international customers.

Rather than charging a monthly subscription fee, Helcim offers free access to its tools and only charges a fee on transactions. Its payment processing rates are variable, so you’ll pay a different fee depending on the type of transaction and what the interchange rate happens to be at a particular time. This could lead to either higher or lower fees than a conventional flat-rate option.

Additionally, Helcim offers a physical Helcim card reader and a terminal to facilitate Helcim POS payments. While there is a Helcim app, we noticed that mobile reviews are much more negative than feedback for the rest of the platform. You may have a better experience if you stick to desktop and/or Helcim’s physical hardware.

If you run into any issues, you can contact them via either phone or email. User feedback is almost uniformly positive regarding customer service, and we had the same great experience when we reached out to the Helcim support team.

Get Started Visit Helcim’s website.

How much does Helcim cost?

Helcim charges variable rates that average 1.92% + 8 cents per in-person transaction and 2.38% + 25 cents per keyed and online transaction. The average is 0.91% + 8 cents for PIN-debit transactions.

Starting price:
No monthly fee
Free trial:
Not Available
Free version:
Not Available
Helcim Pricing & Plans
PIN + debit transactions In-person transactions Keyed & online transactions
Averages 0.91% + 8 cents per Averages 1.92% + 8 cents per Averages 2.38% + 25 cents per
Helcim monthly credit card volume screenshot

Helcim offers significant discounts depending on your monthly credit card volume. Source: Helcim website

What’s included in every Helcim plan? Helcim fees don’t include regular subscription fees — you’ll only pay a fee on incoming payments. Average rates are listed above, but specific rates vary between transactions.

Which features does Helcim offer?

POS System Features
Appointment Management
Gift Card Management
Loyalty Program

Other notable Helcim features

  • Invoicing
  • International payments
  • Inventory management

Get Started Visit Helcim’s website.

What types of support does Helcim offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support
Helcim help center screenshot

Helcim help center with articles on setup, Helcim hardware, third-party integrations, and more. Source: Helcim website

Helcim user review highlights

We analyzed 318 user reviews about Helcim from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

There aren’t as many Helcim customer reviews as some of its competitors, it has generally received positive customer feedback. Most users report good experiences with the support team. Note that Helcim customer service is available via email and phone — there is currently no option for live chat.

On the other hand, comments are more mixed with respect to Helcim’s functionality as well as the user interface. For example, one user noted that Helcim supports a maximum of ten unique payment terminals and sales reports for up to ten employees. These restrictions are not mentioned on the Helcim website.

  • Ease of Setup – getting started doesn’t appear to be much of an issue for most Helcim users. The one complaint we found was a lack of transparency concerning basic product features. The reviewer noted above felt that they should have been told about Helcim’s limitations at some point before committing to a subscription.
  • Ease of Use – Helcim reviews indicate that many users also felt that the app interface was too confusing for their customers. Furthermore, we found several complaints regarding technical issues, such as frequent crashes and poor website performance.
  • Features – most reviewers said Helcim gave them what they needed from a payment processor. Still, there were some notes about key shortcomings, like only allowing one bank account per Helcim account.
  • Quality of Support – as mentioned above, customer support is one of Helcim’s core strengths, with plenty of positive comments and almost no negative ones. While customer service is officially available via phone and email, several users reported live meetings where they shared their screen with the support agent to quickly resolve the issue.
  • Value for Money – Helcim prominently advertises its unique pricing system, which charges different rates at different times depending on the payment type. Most reviewers were okay with what they were charged, but some felt that the rates were too high and took too long to appear after completing a transaction.

Helcim Contact Information

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Alberta, CA
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Helcim Variable rates 4.3
Toast $165/month 4.3
Clover $74.95/month 4.0

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