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Updated December 19, 2023

SurePayroll is a payroll company that has been in business for over 20 years. In that time, it’s perfected its platform with a more affordable payroll option for small businesses. It includes many sought out features like extended customer service times, free direct deposit, and unlimited payroll runs.


  • Mobile app to run payroll on the go
  • Free 2-day direct deposit
  • HR advisor included
  • Tax filing service available
  • Special household payroll available

  • Extra cost for W2 and 1099 service
  • Limited knowledge base
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Simple business payroll

What is SurePayroll?

SurePayroll is, first and foremost, a payroll service for small businesses, even those with less than ten employees. It offers a wide range of payroll features, including direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, live help, a mobile app, and more. In addition, it offers HR add-ons like workers’ compensation, 401(k) plans, health insurance, and pre-employment screening.

surepayroll welcome screen screenshot

Welcome screen with a list of what to have ready to onboard. Source: SurePayroll login.

SurePayroll pricing is broken into two plans. One that is full service and includes filing taxes for you and one that is basic (and cheaper) without tax filing services. There is also a plan designed for households hiring nannies and the like.

One place SurePayroll stands out is with its integrations. The program integrates with many of the standard accounting platforms and several lesser-known programs designed for small businesses. The company also has the advantage of longevity – it’s been around a long time and is backed by Paychex, which also ensures its staying power.

SurePayroll reviews indicate that it’s a helpful program. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and a good value for the price that saves a lot of money in tax and payroll errors. The one drawback seems to be hit-or-miss customer service representatives. Some are helpful, while others are not, and the wait time to get help can be long.

Is SurePayroll legit?

SurePayroll is legit. Founded in 2000, SurePayroll has been in business for over 20 years and is backed by its parent company Paychex. Over the years, the company has evolved its platform to be precisely what small businesses need in a payroll company. Right off the bat, SurePayroll collects detailed information on your business to set up an in-depth, accurate dashboard. Things to have ready for this include your federal tax ID number, banking information, and employee payroll information. You should also know what payment schedule you want to set up.

surepayroll set payroll schedule screenshot

You will have the ability to set your payroll schedule upon sign up. Source: SurePayroll setup.

How much does SurePayroll cost?

SurePayroll plans start at $19.99/month.

Starting price:
$19.99 per month
Free trial:
up to 180 days (six months)
Free version:
Not Available
SurePayroll Pricing & Plans
No Tax Filing Full Service Household Payroll
Starting at $19.99/mo Starting at $29.99/mo Starting at $49.99/mo
Plus $4 per employee Plus $5 per employee Includes one employee, Plus $10 for each additional

What’s included in every SurePayroll plan? There are two SurePayroll plans for small businesses. The main difference is that one is a full-service tax filing service and payroll, while the lower-priced version will only handle payroll and not tax filing.

With both plans, you get an HR advisor, calculated payroll taxes, direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, auto payroll, multiple pay rates and bonuses, many reporting features, online pay stubs, and live customer service help.

There is a third payroll plan for household payroll. This makes it suitable for households that hire nannies and domestic workers. This plan includes tax filing and advanced HR features like PTO and sick time tracking. In addition to live support, a specialized household support line is available Monday through Saturday.

Which features does SurePayroll offer?

Payroll Software Features
Full service multiple payrates and bonuses payroll
Mobile app and online paystubs
Two-day direct deposit
Unlimited payrolls per month
HR features available and multiple integrations with accounting software

Other notable SurePayroll features

  • Benefits
  • HR services
  • Mobile app
  • Taxes paid and filed guarantee
  • FSA and HSA fund management
  • Extended customer service hours
  • Household payroll

What types of support does SurePayroll offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

SurePayroll user review highlights

We analyzed 1,502 user reviews about SurePayroll from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

SurePayroll reviews indicate that it has many perks. However, customer service may be one of the drawbacks. Many SurePayroll complaints revolve around long customer service wait times, and sometimes representatives that confuse things with poor information. Overall, the consensus seems to be that some SurePayroll customer service representatives are helpful, and some are not – it just depends on who you work with.

On the other hand, users appreciate the ease of use and simplicity of SurePayroll. User reviews report that it’s an intuitive, easy-to-use program that has dramatically reduced errors in taxes and payroll. Plus, many SurePayroll reviews find the price to be excellent.

  • Ease of Setup – setup is one area that is hit or miss, according to reviews. It seems to depend on what customer service rep you get to help with your setup. Some are great, and others are not very helpful.
  • Ease of Use – once up and running, users have no complaints about the program. Reviewers report that it’s intuitive and easy to use.
  • Features – there are so many features that users appreciate. SurePayroll reviews point to ease of use, payroll email reminders, the fact that it will process local taxes, and the many easy-to-read reports to choose from.
  • Quality of Support – SurePayroll customer service is the one area that gets some heat from users. Many reviewers report long wait times, non-helpful or knowledgeable representatives, and a lack of response to emails. That said, some users have had luck asking for a different customer service rep, so it may just depend on who you are working with.
  • Value for Money – many SurePayroll users comment that the price is very reasonable compared to competitors, and it has saved them from tax and payroll errors.

SurePayroll Contact Information

Parent Company:
Glanview, Illinois
Year Founded:

SurePayroll alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
SurePayroll $19.99 / month + $4 / per employee / month 4.7
Gusto $40 / month + $6 / per person / month 4.8
Patriot $17 / month + $4 / per person / month 4.8

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