7 Best Payroll Services in Denver, CO

Updated: December 22, 2023

We identified the top payroll companies in Denver to help you choose the best

Payroll services provide small businesses in Denver with a significant advantage in the field. Not only do they help save money and time, but they also improve the accuracy of payments and keep businesses compliant with local and federal laws.

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Compare the best payroll companies in Denver

There are many payroll companies in Denver businesses can choose from. To save you time, we compared their services, considered their reputation, and reviewed their customer support to narrow down the list and help you make an informed decision. Here are the top Denver payroll services we recommend:

Company NameGustoPatriotSurePayroll
Best forSMBs, freelancers, contractorsAffordable, easy payrollSimple small business payroll
Years in Business112123
Starting Price$40/month + $6/mo per person$17/month + $4/mo per person$29.99/mo + $5/mo per person
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Tax ComplianceMulti-State, FederalMulti-State, FederalMulti-State, Federal
B2B Reviews Rating4.84.84.7
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Denver's Best Payroll Companies



Editorial Rating

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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Self-service employee tools
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Direct deposits
  • Custom onboarding checklists

Gusto helps small businesses in Denver run payroll faster and reduce errors. With automated and reliable service, business owners can run payroll without worry and focus on growing their company. It offers full-service payroll, time and attendance tracking, insights and reporting, and HR management assistance. It also offers clear pricing, no hidden fees, and legal compliance.

Gusto ensures that small businesses can benefit from the best payroll services Denver offers. Customers who use Gusto save time and money. It can even scale its services to meet any growing business. The all-in-one integrated platform and unlimited payroll runs allow Denver businesses to improve their operations and compliance significantly.



Editorial Rating

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  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile app access
  • Flexible & customizable payroll
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Low-cost payroll services

Patriot offers low-cost payroll software to small businesses in Denver. Patriot also provides time and attendance software, HR software, and accounting software. Businesses can only pay for the services they want, creating a truly customized payroll experience. Their high-quality customer support and affordable prices make them an excellent option for small business payroll.

With Patriot, businesses can get accurate tax calculations, free direct deposits or printed checks, unlimited payrolls, and 401(k) integration. Overall, Patriot offers a cost-effective and dependable payroll solution for Denver businesses that require basic payroll processing.



Editorial Rating

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  • Automatic tax filing
  • Effortless setup process
  • Secure portal online
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Affordable packages

SurePayroll transforms the complicated payroll experience into something easy and fast. Businesses looking for a simple yet comprehensive payroll they can access from their phone will find SurePayroll’s service valuable. It also offers helpful tools like tax calculations, direct depots, and employee self-service portals

Small businesses can easily automate their payroll through SurePayroll, leaving more time for them to focus on their company growth. In addition, SurePayroll has tools that can help with HR and household management. Whether a small business of one or a medium business of twenty, SurePayroll can help.


Resolution Payroll

    8500 W. Bowles Ave. Suite 307
    Littleton, CO 80123

    Phone: (720) 310-2200

    Resolution Payroll offers a dedicated payroll specialist to every client, ensuring each business enjoys personalized and streamlined payroll. Having served Colorado businesses for over a decade, Resolution knows how to bring success through its payroll, timekeeping, onboarding, and other services. Companies needing direct deposits, online paystub access, electronic state & federal tax payments, garnishments, and accounting integration will find Resolution Payroll a good solution.


    Redpoint Financial Group

      4785 Tejon St
      Denver, CO 80211

      Phone: (303) 209-3031

      Redpoint Financial Group gives businesses bookkeeping, payroll, consulting, and financial planning services. It ensures Denver businesses receive new and useful information that increases profits, cash flow, and legal compliance. Those looking for a cost-effective solution to manage payroll and bookkeeping will benefit from Redpoint Financial Group.


      Colorado Payroll Services

        3773 Cherry Creek N Dr
        Denver, CO 80209

        Phone: (720) 709-1110

        Colorado Payroll Services provides small businesses with all-inclusive payroll and human resource services. It includes features like online payroll access, automatic payments, time attendance imports, check processing, custom report creation, and more. Colorado Payroll Services has many locations around the Denver area and offers small businesses high-quality payroll, workers’ comp assistance, and tax compliance.


        Payroll Vault

          355 S. Teller Street, Suite#200
          Lakewood, Colorado, 80226

          Phone: (303) 763-1857

          Payroll Vault offers small businesses access to a suite of cutting-edge solutions for payroll. Companies can work with a team of dedicated specialists who help with compliance standards, IRS forms, updates to tax deductions, and more. Payroll Vault also provides HR services, background checks, and time and attendance tracking to assist with payroll.

          How do payroll services work in Denver?

          Payroll services are essential for any business to pay employees correctly and on time while complying with federal and state laws. As a small business owner in Denver, CO, you are required by law to ensure employees get their money and the government receives taxes. This is a challenging and time-consuming task, but with a payroll provider, it becomes a lot easier.

          Denver payroll services help businesses pay their employees correctly and on time, but they also assist in other ways:

          • Ensuring businesses remain compliant
          • Saving time and money
          • Organizing data in a clear and accessible way
          • Withholding and filing taxes
          • Avoiding costly mistakes

          Without the help of a payroll company, businesses have to do all of these things and more on their own. Not only is this stressful and time-consuming, but it usually costs a lot more money. Working with a provider that thoroughly knows the laws and understands your business prevents complicated issues from arising.

          In addition to ensuring compliance and saving time, the payroll services Denver has can provide you with valuable insights into spending and labor costs. They can offer streamlined methods to many business areas (like human resources or HR management). You will also have access to real-time data about the hours employees work.

          Payroll service providers in Denver, CO, work by aiding businesses through valuable tools and software.

          How much do payroll services cost in Denver?

          The cost of a payroll service in Denver will vary depending on key factors like services needed and the number of employees. The average cost of a payroll service can be anywhere between $20 and $500 a month. Again, the types of services used and the company’s size will largely affect the final cost.

          If you have a small business with under ten employees, you can expect to pay less for your payroll than a large business with over a thousand employees. Similarly, if you’re looking for basic payroll with only the essential services, monthly costs will be much less than if you choose a package with additional features.

          Generally, outsourcing your payroll will save your business more time and money than hiring, training, and paying your own employee to do it. Payroll services can bring a lot of value to a business, and the benefits often outweigh the costs.

          Business owners in Denver should research different payroll providers and find the one that fits their business needs best. When researching, compare pricing and services, and consult a financial advisor or accountant.

          Payroll laws in Colorado

          Payroll laws in Denver, CO, apply to all businesses that operate in the city and the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs. If employers want to avoid costly fines and penalties, understanding and complying with these laws is vital. Below, we review some of the key laws related to payroll that businesses in Denver need to follow:

          Minimum Wage: Since the start of 2024, the minimum wage in Colorado is $14.42 an hour. Employers in Denver, Edgewater, Glendale, and the surrounding areas must ensure that each employee is paid at least this amount. Additionally, employers need a poster that clearly states the minimum wage and other labor laws in a conspicuous spot in the workplace.

          Overtime: Overtime laws in Colorado are a little different than those in other states. Employees must be paid 1.5 times their normal, hourly pay for (1) every hour worked over 40 hours a week, (2) more than 12 hours per work day, or (3) a shift of 12 consecutive hours that spans from one day into the next (without regard for the start and end of a typical workday). Employers are required to pay whichever one results in higher wages for the employee.

          For more information about overtime laws in Colorado, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).

          Pay Frequency: According to the CDLE, employers in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and the surrounding neighborhoods are required to pay employees at regular pay periods of no greater duration than a calendar month or 30 days, whichever is longer. Employees must also receive their wages no later than ten days from the end of the last pay period.

          However, employers and employees can mutually agree on another pay period if desired. Both parties must agree upon the deal; if no agreement is made, employers must follow the state guidelines.

          Payroll Taxes: Like most states, employers in Denver, Colorado, must withhold certain taxes from employees’ paychecks. These taxes include federal, state, and health insurance. However, employers also need to provide notice for any other deductions.

          In certain situations, an employer may seek to deduct wages from an employee’s paycheck in return for the amount of money or value of stolen or damaged property. If an employer seeks repayment in this method, he or she must follow a few guidelines. One guideline is that the employer gives the employee advanced notice about the deduction.

          Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Another thing Denver businesses need to carry is workers’ compensation. This is insurance that covers any injuries your employees might incur on the job. Regardless of the number of employees (whether part-time, full-time, or family members), employers are required to have workers’ comp.

          You can visit the CDLE website to learn more about how to get Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

          In addition to these key payroll laws, Denver businesses must also comply with many other rules and regulations. Some of these include child labor laws, sick leave and vacation, zoning laws, business ID numbers, and more. The official government website of Denver has information and resources to help Denver businesses stay compliant.

          Payroll laws in Denver and surrounding areas like Aurora and Lakewood are complex and difficult to navigate. It is vital for businesses to stay informed and compliant with all the rules to avoid costly penalties and fines. By working with a reputable payroll provider, Denver businesses can ensure their payroll operates correctly, keeping their company out of trouble and their employees satisfied.

          The Bottom Line

          By choosing the right Denver payroll services for their company, owners can benefit from improved accuracy and compliance, reduced administrative burdens, and insights into labor costs. Another benefit is that many payroll providers offer other services like accounting, HR tools, health benefits administration, and bookkeeping. These tools can streamline the HR process and ensure that other areas are handled attentively.

          Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a growing organization with years under its belt, payroll services can provide valuable support and save you time and money. When you choose a reputable provider that understands the unique needs of your business, your payroll becomes more accurate and compliant—without any extra work on your end.

          The methodology behind our rankings

          We considered some key factors when choosing the best payroll service providers for small businesses in Denver, CO:

          Services offered: We looked for companies that offered key services like payroll processing, tax filing, direct deposit, and employee self-service.

          Cost: We compared the pricing plans of different payroll service providers and chose the ones that fit most budgets, prioritizing companies that offered flexible plans or free trial periods.

          Reputation and experience: We looked for service providers with good reputations and years of experience in the industry. We reviewed customer opinions and testimonials to gauge providers’ reliability and customer service.

          Technology: We chose payroll service providers with up-to-date technology that could automate processes, providing online access to payroll data.

          Compliance: We made sure the payroll service providers on our list were knowledgeable and compliant with federal and state payroll laws and regulations.

          Customer support: We selected payroll providers with excellent customer support that could address customers’ queries and concerns in a timely manner.

          Scalability: We looked for providers that could accommodate a growing business and provide services for businesses of all sizes.

          Integrations: We considered payroll service providers that could integrate with other business software (i.e., time and attendance tracking or accounting) to streamline processes and reduce errors.