6 Best Payroll Services in Portland, OR

Updated: December 22, 2023

We researched the top payroll services in Portland to help small businesses find the perfect provider

Outsourcing payroll to a reputable service provider brings significant benefits to businesses in Portland. Not only does it save time, but it ensures compliance with local and federal laws and improves accuracy and employee satisfaction.

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Compare the best payroll companies in Portland

There are plenty of payroll services in Portland, but finding the one that fits your business best is time-consuming. That’s why we’re here. To help you make an informed decision, we compared the services, reputation, customer service, and more to make a list of the best payroll services Portland offers. Take a look at the top providers we recommend!

Company NameGustoPatriotSurePayroll
Best forSMBs, freelancers, contractorsAffordable, easy payrollSimple small business payroll
Years in Business112123
Starting Price$40/month + $6/mo per person$17/month + $4/mo per person$29.99/mo + $5/mo per person
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Tax ComplianceMulti-State, FederalMulti-State, FederalMulti-State, Federal
B2B Reviews Rating4.84.84.7
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Portland's Best Payroll Companies



Editorial Rating

Gusto logo
  • User-friendly platform
  • Identifies tax credits
  • Affordable pricing
  • Integration software
  • Time tracking synced with payroll

Gusto provides an all-in-one HR platform with tools to hire, pay, and manage your team members online. Its full-service payroll, onboarding, tax filing, and unlimited payroll runs make Gusto a great option for small businesses. Businesses in Portland will find that managing benefits like health insurance and 401(k) plans is simple with Gusto. Additionally, employees can access their own information through the self-service tools.

Gusto’s easy-to-use interface ensures businesses can set up their accounts quickly and begin running payroll. With access to expert customer support and plenty of resources, small business owners never have to worry about payroll being an issue. Gusto also ensures that every payroll run is completed correctly and compliantly.



Editorial Rating

Patriot logo
  • Low-cost payroll
  • Free direct deposit
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Flexible payment schedules
  • Tax compliance assistance

Patriot is an affordable and powerful payroll software designed for small businesses. With easy-to-use software, free setup, and customizable payroll, companies in Portland can process payroll quickly and correctly. Patriot offers many useful features like direct deposits, tax compliance help, and accounting software integration.

With Patriot, you can customize payroll, enjoy accurate tax calculations, and save money. Businesses can access Patriot online from any device, allowing owners to run their businesses from anywhere.



Editorial Rating

SurePayroll logo
  • Automated tax filings
  • Affordable pricing
  • Secure online portal
  • Mobile app
  • Expert customer service

SurePayroll gives small businesses an easy-to-use and accessible payroll solution. Companies can run their payroll automatically and make changes when needed. SurePayroll also offers tax calculating and filing, extensive reporting capabilities, and payroll on the go. Employees have access to self-service tools as well, making payroll management simple for everyone.

With SurePayroll, businesses in Portland never have to worry about missing deadlines, miscalculating payments, or wasting time. Overall, SurePayroll makes your business its top priority, providing 24/7 customer support to ensure your needs are met.


Hill Tax Payroll & Bookkeeping

    22455 Southwest Oak Street
    Sherwood, Oregon, 97140

    Phone: (503) 447-7564

    Hill Tax Payroll & Bookkeeping offers payroll, accounting, and tax services to small businesses in and around Portland. It provides a cost-effective solution to payroll, complete with comprehensive reports, online processing, free direct deposits, and even “after-the-fact” payroll services. Companies looking to outsource payroll and get help with taxes as well will find Hill Tax Payroll & Bookkeeping beneficial.


    Rowell Payroll Co.

      205 NE Cleveland Ave
      Gresham, OR 97030

      Phone: (503) 489-6400

      Rowell Payroll Co. saves small businesses time by processing payroll, creating detailed reports, gathering sick time and leave data, directly depositing checks, and filing monthly and quarterly taxes. Rowell Payroll Co. also offers post-payroll assistance, ensuring small businesses don’t have to worry about federal and state tax reports. Additionally, you can customize your payroll experience, ensuring you get the services you need most for your business.


      All About Businesses

        205 SE Spokane St # 300
        Portland, OR 97202

        Phone: (503) 405-9466

        All About Businesses offers small businesses in Portland, OR, payroll, accounting, and QuickBooks services. It customizes its services to fit your business’s needs, offering certified payroll, prevailing wage payroll, and payroll reports. Businesses looking for a stress-free and dedicated provider will find All About Businesses in Portland a great option.

        How do payroll services work in Portland?

        Portland payroll services work very similarly to those in other states. Payroll services help businesses ensure their employees are paid on time and correctly. They ensure all the proper taxes are withheld and often provide other HR tools like onboarding and attendance tracking.

        As a small business owner, you are likely aware of how much time and energy is involved in running a business. Few owners have the time needed to spend on payroll. Luckily, that’s where payroll services come in.

        They excel at saving businesses time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your company. They can handle tasks like

        • Calculating and processing employee paychecks,
        • Withholding state and federal taxes,
        • Ensuring compliance with local and national labor laws.

        Outsourcing your payroll not only takes the burden off your shoulders but also helps avoid mistakes that could result in costly fines and penalties. Payroll services ensure your payroll is compliant with all the federal and state labor laws as well. Overall, Portland small businesses gain a lot when outsourcing their payroll.

        How much do payroll services cost in Portland?

        The cost of payroll varies, but businesses in Portland can expect to pay a base fee of $15 – $300 a month and $5 – $15 per employee. This is an estimated range, however, as the final cost largely depends on the size of your business, the number of employees, and the types of services you need.

        Small businesses generally pay less for their payroll services than large corporations. The more advanced your payroll needs, the more you can expect to pay. However, most business owners agree that the benefits greatly outweigh the cost.

        As mentioned before, payroll providers save you time and money. They also offer HR tools that assist with onboarding, benefits distribution, and tracking attendance. Keeping these features in the same platform as your payroll simplifies the whole process, enabling you to focus on your job.

        Start by researching the best providers in your area if you’re unsure whether outsourcing payroll is right for you. Be sure to compare their services, pricing, and compatibility with your company. It’s also wise to consult with a financial advisor or accountant if you need an outside opinion on which payroll solution fits best.

        Payroll laws in Oregon

        All businesses based in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas must adhere to the payroll laws. It is essential for employers to understand and comply with these laws to keep their business running and avoid costly fines. There are many laws, and employers should thoroughly research them before moving forward.

        In the meantime, here are some key payroll laws that businesses in Portland, as well as neighborhoods and suburbs such as Gresham, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Beaverton, and Troutdale, should be aware of:

        Minimum Wage: The Oregon state minimum wage, as of July 1, 2023, is $14.20. However, the Portland Metro minimum wage is $15.45 an hour. Then, some localities in Oregon have set their minimum wage to $13.20 an hour. However, Oregon plans to raise these minimum wages by July 1, 2024.

        Overtime: Employers in Oregon must pay any non-exempt employees one and a half times their regular pay for every hour worked over 40 in a single workweek. Special overtime rules do apply to employees who work in government agencies, hospitals, some agricultural employers, and more.

        Pay Frequency: Employers in Portland, Gresham, Hillsboro, and the surrounding areas are required to pay their employees on a regular pay schedule with no more than 35 days between each paycheck.

        Paid Leave: As of January 1, 2023, employers with 25 or more employees are required to contribute to the Paid Leave program. This program ensures that employees have time to care for themselves when they need it most. Paid Leave benefits are scheduled to start September 3, 2023.

        Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Employers in Portland, Oregon City, Beaverton, Troutdale, and the neighboring cities are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers health expenses in case an employee suffers an injury or illness in the workplace.

        These are just some of the payroll laws businesses need to follow. It is important for owners to remain up-to-date on the changing laws so they can avoid costly fines and penalties. Luckily, by working with a reputable payroll provider, remaining compliant becomes easy. Providers stay up-to-date for you and alert you to any changes, ensuring your payroll is adjusted properly.

        The Bottom Line

        Choosing the right payroll provider might seem complicated at first, but when you see what they can do for your business, it becomes rather simple. Portland payroll services improve accuracy and compliance, reduce administrative burdens, and provide better insights into your labor costs. Additionally, many offer HR tools to further enhance and streamline your payroll process.

        Payroll services provide both small businesses and growing organizations with valuable support, making managing HR and payroll quick and easy. By choosing a reputable payroll provider that understands your business needs, you ensure accurate and compliant payroll every time.

        The methodology behind our rankings

        Here are the key factors we considered when choosing the best payroll service providers for small businesses in Portland, Oregon:

        • Cost: We evaluated the pricing plans of different payroll service providers, choosing the ones that fit most budgets. We also prioritized companies that could scale their prices up or down depending on your business needs.
        • Scalability: We chose payroll services that could accommodate growing businesses and provide services for businesses of all sizes.
        • Technology: We looked at payroll providers with up-to-date technology who could offer automated payroll processes and provide online access to payroll data.
        • Compliance: We ensured the providers on our list were knowledgeable and compliant with federal and state payroll laws and regulations.
        • Services offered: We looked for payroll companies that offered key features like payroll processing, tax filing, direct deposit, and employee self-service tools.
        • Customer support: We selected service providers with excellent customer support that could address your questions and concerns in a timely manner.
        • Integrations: We considered payroll service providers that could integrate with other business software (i.e., accounting or HR tools) to streamline processes and reduce errors.
        • Reputation and experience: We chose payroll providers with good reputations and years of experience. We checked customer reviews and testimonials, gauging providers’ reliability and customer service.