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Updated June 11, 2024

Easily one of the most recognized HR brands, ADP has numerous services, including ADP payroll services. Operating on a global scale in over 140 countries, ADP has 80 years of experience and the services built up to be a full-service payroll software with all the bells and whistles that large enterprise businesses need.


  • Grows and scales with many HR programs available
  • Global with payroll in over 140 countries
  • Direct deposit available
  • 24/7 ADP payroll customer service
  • Customizable plan to meet exact needs

  • Might be too complex for small businesses
  • Several payroll services available can be confusing
  • No free trial
ADP logo
Best for large businesses

What is ADP?

The ADP payroll service is a go-to for many businesses with good reason. The HR conglomerate has numerous services to support not just payroll but also talent management, time and attendance tracking, benefits and insurance management, workforce compliance, and full HR management.

adp payroll costs snapshot screenshot

See a snapshot of your costs each time you run payroll. Source: Run by ADP, admin account view.

ADP Run and ADP Workforce Now are both payroll services within ADP. ADP Run payroll is a payroll and HR software for small businesses, while ADP Workforce Now is a full HR service that includes payroll. This review focuses on the original ADP payroll service that accommodates large and enterprise businesses and can be combined with other ADP HR services as needed.

ADP’s pricing for this plan is not disclosed because it is highly customized to deliver exactly what each unique customer needs. We contacted ADP, and they did not disclose pricing or detailed information on their payroll plans.

adp portal login screenshot

Logging in to the ADP portal. Source: ADP payroll login screen.

ADP payroll services offer many highly sought out features, including global payroll, global direct deposit, global tax deductions, a mobile app for both employee self-service and admins, pre-built standardized reports, automation options, and more. ADP also has its own marketplace where you can choose from many other ADP services to integrate with.

adp upcoming payroll screenshot

See upcoming payroll information and dates. Source: ADP Run administrator account view.

adp creating reports screenshot

Create your own reports or use one of ADP’s prebuilt reports to get started. Source: ADP Run administrator account view.

Most users agree that ADP payroll services reign supreme. In fact, a Director of Human Resources told us she selected it for her team due to popularity and the ease of use. The easy-to-use and integrated software wins praise all around. However, a few employees gripe about faulty ADP payroll login and hard-to-reach customer service.

Get Started Visit ADP’s website.

How much does ADP payroll cost?

ADP payroll pricing is based on a company’s size, industry, level of service needed, and configuration requirements.

Starting price:
Not Disclosed
Free trial:
Not Available
Free version:
Not Available
ADP Payroll Plans
Run Powered by ADP ADP Workforce Now ADP Payroll Services
Best for less than 50 users Best for 50-1000 users Best for large business and enterprise users

Which features does ADP offer?

Payroll Software Features
Direct deposit available globally
Tax filing and payment in over 140 countries
Employee self-service desktop and mobile app
ADP marketplace offers every HR service needed
Integrates with many other HR programs
Handles multiple different pay rates within a pay period

Other notable ADP features

  • Automated deductions and payroll tasks to streamline the payroll process
  • Automatically calculates and withholds tax responsibility
  • Maintains compliance regulations
  • Hundreds of standardized reports ready to print
  • Track payroll by job for accounting and operational decisions
  • Management and employee app

Get Started Visit ADP’s website.

What types of support does ADP offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

ADP user review highlights

We analyzed 2,402 user reviews about ADP from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

When it comes to ADP payroll reviews, most of the negative comments come from customer service issues and employees having trouble with their ADP payroll login not working. Those having a hard time with their ADP payroll login say their accounts can get locked after being asked to change their password repeatedly and only the company administrator can fix it. Other customer issues spring from missing checks, late pay, and the time clock on the ADP app being down.

On the employer side, the only gripes we found were a few about hidden fees, and some say that running reports could be easier. “The sales team is very aggressive. Not only do they call and email, but we have even had sales teams come by the office trying to sell me something we had already purchased,” says one ADP respondent in a recent survey we ran. “The pricing, particularly the implementation fees, are through the roof. At this point, our company refuses to buy any more products or services from ADP. While their payroll functions are straightforward and easy to use, all of their other products and services are sub-par and hard to integrate. During the implementation process, deadlines were missed, no one was following up, but ADP still charged us for these services even though implementation was not complete,” she said.

ADP payroll services receive many positive reviews. Most users – both employees and employers find the software extremely easy to use – so much so that they hardly ever need ADP payroll customer service. But if needed, one survey respondent we spoke to told us that the live chat function is beneficial and can remotely connect and tell her exactly where her problem is. Others find the integrations incredibly useful and easy to connect with.

Several users were also impressed with the ability to store all payroll information, including tax documentation and payroll queries, in one place. “I like that the platform landing page can be customizable for our employees and branded with our logo. I am able to post kudos, open positions, promotion announcements, birthdays, DEI initiatives, and general company news. I also like the ease of generating reports. I am able to easily customize reports based on the needs of different departments,” says one ADP user we spoke to. Another survey respondent – a Senior Payroll Administrator, told us, “I like that customer service is helpful, and when you call, it is always secure and confidential.”

  • Ease of Setup – Users say that setup is so easy you can do it independently without needing customer service or training.
  • Ease of Use – Reviewers give ADP payroll high reviews for being a user-friendly interface.
  • Features – The most talked about feature of ADP payroll services are the integrations. Other positive reviews mention the time clock, onboarding, and one-stop-shop payroll run.
  • Quality of Support – Users report that customer service can be dicey. Employees that are having issues getting paid and getting locked out report hard-to-reach customer service representatives that aren’t always helpful even when they do get someone on the line.
  • Value for Money – HR personnel report finding ADP payroll service a top, one-stop-shop for everything payroll related. Using the service and integrations streamlines processes and cuts down on time, making it a valuable business asset.

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ADP alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
ADP Not Disclosed 4.25
Gusto $40/month + $6 per person/month 4.75
Patriot $17/month + $4 per person/month 4.75

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