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Updated December 19, 2023

Teamtailor is an applicant tracking system that is hyper-focused on talent acquisition. The all-in-one recruiting solution takes a unique approach and places extra attention on how you brand and market your company to potential talent. With multiple tools and features to support recruiting, Teamtailor helps you attract a larger talent pool of qualified candidates and upgrade your candidate experience.


  • Strong recruiting tools
  • Available as a mobile app
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable drag-and-drop career website builder

  • Pricing is not transparent
  • Limited HR tools beyond recruiting
  • Lacks advanced analytics
Teamtailor logo
Best for branded recruiting

What is Teamtailor?

Designed to make you more attractive to potential candidates, Teamtailor applicant tracking software focuses on company branding and recruiting. Why? Simply, many employers struggle with effectively presenting their employer brand. Also, other applicant tracking systems miss the mark on making it simple and central to an effective hiring process.

Teamtailor incorporates tools like career site building, running referrals, and marketing jobs to specific talent demographics through designated landing pages and talent pools. It also integrates with dozens of job sites for free – offering you broader access to pools of candidates.

teamtailor dashboard screenshot

Kanban style dashboard upon Teamtailor login. Source: Teamtailor free trial.

Teamtailor’s hyper-focus on recruiting pays off and allows it to stand out as a top recruiting platform. However, this hyper-focus on recruiting means it’s lacking in other HR areas, such as HR analytics and more robust reporting capabilities. Overall, it doesn’t offer as many all-in-one HR solutions as some other HR platforms we reviewed.

Teamtailor users agree that for recruiting, you can’t get much better. We found the platform to be incredibly easy to use and it offers many opportunities for automation that users say drastically saves them time and pays off in delivering a more pleasant and streamlined candidate experience.

teamtailor candidate tracking screenshot

Candidate tracking allows you to see where each candidate in in the process. Source: Teamtailor free trial.

There are three specific features that this platform incorporates that make it a great choice for modern hiring teams.

1. Controlling for unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is always a concern to be aware of and have a plan for minimizing in any recruitment process. In the platform you can set any stage of the hiring process to “Anonymous mode” to remove identifiable information, putting the focus on a candidate’s skills and qualifications. This is especially helpful during the initial stages of screening and interviewing candidates. A flaw of this feature though, is that resumes and CVs are anonymized in preview mode only. Once opened or downloaded, all information is visible.

teamtailor candidate tracking screenshot

The anonymous mode can be enabled at any stage of your hiring process. When you do this, the system will mask the personal information related to your candidates when they are in that stage. Source: Teamtailor Knowledge Base.

2. Prioritizing and streamlining communications – internal and external

Understanding and optimizing for the user experience for both hiring teams and candidates, Teamtailor’s design makes staying in contact and providing the right information at the right time manageable. One feature that stands out to me is the opportunity to build interview kits for members of your hiring team that corresponds with specific steps of the interview process. This ensures everyone has everything at their fingertips – from the candidate’s resume, to interview questions, to spaces to record their feedback and notes.

teamtailor candidate tracking screenshot

You can create as many interview kits and customize them to your needs. If you haven’t created any interview kits, start off by clicking + New interview kit. Source: Teamtailor Knowledge Base.

3. Seamless integrations

After running hundreds of hiring process in my career, I have gained an appreciation for platforms that allow me to do most, if not all, of my tasks within them and with an interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. Teamtailor does an excellent job with this, from calendar and meeting management integrations that make scheduling interviews a breeze, to their job offer creation wizard that allows you to send branded, interactive and engaging job offers to your top candidates.

teamtailor candidate tracking screenshot

The job offer page includes a comment field and will allow the candidate to accept or decline the offer. Source: Teamtailor Knowledge Base.

Krystal Speed, HR Expert

Insights from an HR Expert

“The candidate experience and my internal hiring team’s experience are equally important. Where many platforms do one well at the expense of the other, I’m really pleased how Teamtailor has designed an easy, customizable, and robust solution for engaging candidates and hiring teams at every stage of the hiring process,”

Krystal Speed, CEO, Your HR Strategist

How much does Teamtailor cost?

Starting price:
Request a quote
Free trial:
14 Days
Free version:
Not Available

What’s included in every Teamtailor plan? Teamtailor pricing is not available, instead the company suggests that pricing is adjusted to the size of your company. That said, the company boasts that all plans feature all the recruiting tools you need, suitable for any size organization, and open to unlimited users.

Specific features include tools that accommodate:

  • Employer branding
  • Candidate reach
  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate conversions
  • Relationship building
  • Communication and scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Referrals
  • Automation
  • A mobile app
  • Compliance
  • Integrations
  • Security
teamtailor analytics dashboard screenshot

The Teamtailor Analytics dashboard details your recruiting pipeline. Source: Teamtailor free trial.

Which features does Teamtailor offer?

Applicant Tracking Systems Features
Job Posting
E-Verify/I-9 Forms
Resume Parsing
HIPAA Compliance

Other notable Teamtailor features

  • Mobile app
  • API integrations
  • Task automation
  • Analytics and reporting

What types of support does Teamtailor offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support
teamtailor jobs dashboard screenshot

View of jobs currently open and the recruiter in charge of them. Source: Teamtailor free trial.

Teamtailor user review highlights

We analyzed 173 user reviews about Teamtailor from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

While researching Teamtailor, we found that, for the most part, customers are happy with the ATS software. However, some Teamtailor reviews report that it runs a bit slow, there have been some hiccups with Teamtailor integrations, and reporting could be more in-depth to be truly helpful.

Teamtailor support receives mixed reviews, with some customers appreciating the designated account rep and others finding support non-existent. Our research could not determine if you pay more for a designated account rep.

Most customer reviews are positive. The Teamtailor app gets praise for being easy to use and intuitive. Many happy reviewers say the automation is amazing and saves them so much time, while others appreciate the knowledge base and webinars.

  • Ease of Setup – Teamtailor reviews indicate that setup is quick and easy.
  • Ease of Use – reviewers say that the Teamtailor ATS has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Features – users appreciate how easy to use Teamtailor is, as well as the candidate referrals, knowledge base and webinars, CV management, automation, and available customizations without the need to pay extra.
  • Quality of Support – Teamtailor support gets mixed reviews, where many customers find the customer support responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable, but a few users report that customer service is non-existent.
  • Value for Money – many Teamtailor reviewers say that it is much more affordable than similar programs and that the sheer amount of time saved with the automation options makes it well worth the money.
teamtailor employees reports screenshot

Employee reports available showing recruiting stats. Source: Teamtailor free trial.

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Teamtailor alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
Teamtailor Request a quote 4.5
BambooHR Varies 4.8
Freshteam by Freshworks $59 / month plus $1 / month / employee 4.4

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