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Updated June 19, 2024

Built by landlords for landlords, TurboTenant is designed to simplify the overly complex rental process. With TurboTenant, landlords can generate leads, screen tenants, create leases, and collect rent, all from one intuitive platform. By empowering landlords with ready-to-use tools for every step of the rental process, TurboTenant supports landlords and their continued business growth.


  • Unlimited listings even on free plan
  • Easy to use
  • Advertising across multiple platforms
  • Generates on average 28 leads per listing
  • Very affordable

  • Phone support only available in paid plan
  • Prices are put on tentants
  • Limited advanced features
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What is TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is a valuable property management tool landlords can use to generate more leads, screen potential renters, collect payments, and more. Everything is simplified with TurboTenant, and the platform is well-organized and easy to use.

TurboTenant dashboard screenshot

TurboTenant’s dashboard makes it easy to navigate through all the system’s features. Source: TurboTenant free account.

Key features include simple advertising that generates, on average, 28 leads per listing, online application and screening, customized state-specific leases, rent collection, and bulk messaging to keep all tenants on the same page.

TurboTenant applicant invitation window screenshot

Source applicants through TurboTenant, or invite specific renters to apply. Source: TurboTenant free account.

There are two plans with TurboTenant: a Free plan and a Premium plan. The free plan is comprehensive and available for unlimited properties. The Premium plan has a higher level of customer support and extra add-ons included for landlords. Overall, users say that TurboTenant is easy to use, cost-effective, and an excellent property management tool. Although some complaints do surface regarding customer service.

Is TurboTenant legit?

TurboTenant was founded in 2015 and provides a simplified leasing process for landlords and tenants. While whisperings of TurboTenant scams surface in one review, we found no evidence in our research. TurboTenant offers a robust free landlord software, TurboTenant listings generate highly-qualified leads, and TurboTenant rentals are proven to be reliable, safe spaces for renters to call home.

TurboTenant build form screenshot

Build your own forms or use TurboTenant’s templates to gather and store essential data for your rental business. Source: TurboTenant free account.

Get Started Visit TurboTenant’s website.

How much does TurboTenant cost?

TurboTenant plans start at $8.25/month.

Starting price:
$8.25 per month
Free trial:
Not Available
Free version:
TurboTenant Pricing & Plans
Free Premium
Starting at $0 /mo Starting at $8.25 /mo
Unlimited units Unlimited units

What’s included in every TurboTenant plan? TurboTenant offers two plans: Free and Premium. Although the free plan is more limited, it’s still very comprehensive, with features like unlimited properties, rental advertising, lead management, applications and screening, rent collection and reporting, maintenance request management, document management, messaging, and basic customer support.

The Premium plan includes phone support and faster customer support times, lease agreements, landlord forms, e-signatures, unlimited connected bank accounts, expedited rent payouts, and income insights.

TurboTenant Landlord Toolbox screenshot

TurboTenant’s Landlord Toolbox has curated offerings from their trusted partners. Source: TurboTenant free account.

Which features does TurboTenant offer?

Property Management Software Features
Property manager leads within 24 hours
Budgeting and reporting tools
Online lease tracking & tenant screening
Landlord portals
Accounts capabilities
Online listings
Maintenance request management

Other notable TurboTenant features

  • Bulk messaging
  • Income insights
  • Expedited rent payouts
  • E-signatures
  • State specific lease agreements
  • Landlord forms

Get Started Visit TurboTenant’s website.

TurboTenant create maintenance request form screenshot

TurboTenant makes it easy to create and track maintenance requests for all your properties. Source: TurboTenant free account.

What types of support does TurboTenant offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support
TurboTenant academy screenshot

The TurboTenant Academy offers valuable resources to help you improve your rental business. Source: TurboTenant free account.

TurboTenant user review highlights

We analyzed 275 user reviews about TurboTenant from three third-party review websites to provide this summary.

TurboTenant reviews generally indicate that it’s a good platform for landlords. Landlords love the free plan and say the platform is easy to use, well organized, and easy to get set up. Many key features stand out, and the platform makes the rental process much smoother.

On the other hand, tenants have complaints about TurboTenant’s cost, including the TurboTenant application fee, and TurboTenant background check. One TurboTenant review points out it is $30 more to pay rent with a card. But the biggest issue with TurboTenant seems to be the customer service. There is no TurboTenant phone number because phone support is unavailable unless you are on a paid plan. Otherwise, you must rely on email, which users say gets no response.

  • Ease of Setup – users have no complaints about ease of setup, and we agree – we had no issues getting started when we tried the software for ourselves.
  • Ease of Use – TurboTenant reviewers agree it’s well-organized and easy to use.
  • Features – the marketing tools are a big hit with landlords who say they get tons of leads. The bulk messaging feature is also a perk that saves time.
  • Quality of Support – customer support is the primary source of problems for TurboTenant users who say it’s near impossible to get a representative to respond.
  • Value for Money – overall, if using the free plan, TurboTenant is an excellent deal for landlords.

TurboTenant Contact Information

Parent Company:
Fort Collins, CO
Year Founded:

TurboTenant alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
TurboTenant $8.25 / month 4.5
Buildium $50 / month 4.6
DoorLoop $59 / month 4.8

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