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Review by DAN KENITZ
Updated December 22, 2023

ContractSafe is a unique blend of contract security and document management. As one of our top-rated options in contract management software, it’s great for storing your old docs, sure. But we also love the little features that make it so business friendly, such as unlimited users, integrated e-signatures, setting date reminders for checking up on contracts, and the reasonable, no-nonsense pricing terms.


  • Easy implementation and onboarding
  • Unlimited users unlocked on lowest tiers
  • Scan for easy document migration
  • Onboarding support & dedicated success manager
  • Unlimited date reminders

  • No unlimited contracts
  • Zapier integration only on higher tiers
ContractSafe logo
Fast & Easy Implementation

What is ContractSafe?

ContractSafe is contract storage and retrieval software that makes it possible for you to keep, file, sign, scan, and even speed-search your way through an entire business’s worth of contract documents. Featuring a free trial to get started and reasonable pricing terms, we found it to be one of the best bangs-for-the-buck from the moment you first land on the ContractSafe login screen.

Beyond its ability to store and retrieve contracts, ContractSafe offers integrated e-signature capabilities that allow you to get contracts signed directly within the platform, as well as full date management with reminders and email alerts to help you stay on top of important renewal, expiration, compliance and payment dates.

contractsafe employer offer template screenshot

A look at ContractSafe’s filled in employment offer template. Source: ContractSafe free trial.

You can incorporate online agreements into your contracts by simply entering a URL for your terms of use, privacy policy, or any other online document and ContractSafe will convert the page into a PDF and store a searchable version.

Redlining is easier with ContractSafe, where users can highlight the differences between two documents – whether it be a scan, PDF or Word document – and track changes directly within the platform.

Each of the ContractSafe pricing tiers will let you sign up unlimited users within your company, so scaling isn’t as much of an issue. When you do go up a pricing tier, it’s for value—the number of contracts ContractSafe will let you use within their system. We would have appreciated some leeway with contract totals there—including an unlimited option. As it is, the $899/month Enterprise pricing tier lets you store up to 5,000 contracts.

contractsafe aissistant screenshot

The ContractSafe AIssistant, a feature for automatically organizing documents. Source: ContractSafe free trial.

Even so, there’s value in those lower tiers. The $299/month “Basic” package means unlimited users, unlimited attachments, an unlimited archive, and setting unlimited date reminders—you don’t have to unlock those features at higher pricing tiers.

Once you’re in, the navigation is easy and intuitive, with no-frills features like reminders that you’ll find no trouble at all to incorporate right away. This makes the ContractSafe pricing a tad on the high side for some small businesses, but with enough value and quality to justify it. Overall, ContractSafe scored high marks for the offerings it has on our list of vendors in contract management.

contractsafe dashboard screenshot

The simple ContractSafe dashboard including upcoming key dates. Source: ContractSafe free trial.

Start Free Trial Visit ContractSafe’s website to schedule a demo and start a free trial.

How much does ContractSafe cost?

ContractSafe plans start at $299/month.

Starting price:
$299 per month
Free trial:
7 days
Free version:
Not Available
ContractSafe Pricing & Plans
Basic Standard Professional Enterprise
Starting at $299/mo Starting at $499/mo Starting at $699/mo Starting at $899/mo
Up to 500 contracts Up to 1000 contracts Up to 2500 contracts Up to 5000 contracts

What’s included in every ContractSafe plan? With the Basic tier, you’ll get unlimited users, approval workflow, date reminders, attachments, and can archive unlimited files—this tier includes the basic speed search, which means there’s plenty of capability with the lowest tier, even if you’re using the free trial as a ContractSafe demo.

Which features does ContractSafe offer?

Contract Management Software Features
Audit trail
Full date management with reminders and email alerts
Document storage
Full text search

Other notable ContractSafe features

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited date reminders for renewals, expirations, compliance, and payments
  • Contract speed search with automatic OCR
  • Single sign on
  • Bank-level security
  • SOC2 audit
  • Email-in uploads
  • Define your user roles and permissions
  • Customized saved views for displaying contract lists
  • Bulk edits
  • Amendment & completion tracking
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Unlimited archive
  • DocuSign integration

What types of support does ContractSafe offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

Start Free Trial Visit ContractSafe’s website to schedule a demo and start a free trial.

contractsafe's easy-to-use search screenshot

The easy-to-use search made finding contracts simple. Source: ContractSafe free trial.

ContractSafe user review highlights

We rolled through a list of ContractSafe reviews with third-party sites, a list that included well over 200 reviews. Our goal: to see what made people enjoy this software, not enjoy this software, consider picking an alternative to ContractSafe, or claim that they’d never turn their backs on ContractSafe.

We found that people gave high markes for ContractSafe’s ease of setup, as well as ease of use, as did the features around organizing contracts and managing contract storage.

Alternatively, some users did look for alternative solutions due to pricing, suggesting that ContractSafe could offer more affordable options for smaller businesses and solopreneurs. Let’s dig deeper into what we found from online reviews:

  • Ease of Setup – High marks here. “I like the simplicity of ContractSafe,” noted user, Lee J. “It’s easy to administer and simple enough for end-users to adopt with minimal training. The licensing model also works for us; it’s great that I can add as many users as I like.” The minimal training was a big hit with ContractSafe. You don’t have to look through complicated ContractSafe Docusign integrations or use ContractSafe API to get up and running.
  • Ease of Use – Easy to setup is one thing—what about easy to use? We also found love for the ease of ContractSafe on one of the review sites we analyzed, where the software scored a 4.8 out of 5 for ease-of-use, with many online reviewers enjoying how easy it was to search through documents. One verified reviewer noted that the ease of use is particularly good for legal offices: “ContractSafe is clearly designed for legal teams. The fields that are mapped to metadata are exactly what legal teams want to know and track.”
  • Features – The search won high scores here. Sometimes, issues like poor search could send users Googling “alternatives to ContractSafe” in a hurry, but most of the reviews we read were very positive on the searching and organization—two of the major selling points at ContractSafe. One hiccup: users weren’t so sure about the quality of the AI feature designed to take away some of the work of document storage.
  • Quality of Support – High marks here as well, with users who did have the need for customer support noting that their experiences generally went smoothly. Some users even included ContractSafe support in their list of “pros” for the software.
  • Value for Money – While some users hinted at trying other solutions (presumably, for the lower pricing terms), some reported that they ultimately came back to ContractSafe because of how easy it was to use. Between the high marks for features and customer support, it appears that users enjoyed the value for their money.

ContractSafe Contact Information

Parent Company:
Malibu, CA
Year Founded:
contractsafe's filter feature screenshot

The “filters” feature made it easy to identify contracts of a specific type. Source: ContractSafe free trial.

ContractSafe alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
ContractSafe $299 per month 4.8
Bonsai $17/month 4.8
PandaDoc $19 per month 4.5
Ironclad $500 per month 4.0

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