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Updated June 14, 2024

True to its name, GanttPro uses Gantt charts to visually show and track projects. It’s one of the most popular project management services on the market today. It has a robust set of features and collaboration tools that are easy to use, making it ideal for those new to project management software services.


  • Pre-built Gantt chart templates available
  • Highly-rated customer support
  • Full training and support available
  • Multiple project views
  • Gantt Pro mobile app for iOS and Android

  • Limited customizations on lower tiers
  • Free plan not available
  • Lacking the ability to bill/invoice clients directly
GanttPro logo
Best for beginners

What is GanttPro?

GanttPro features give users several project views, tracking and scheduling tools, and the ability to create, assign and set milestones for tasks. Collaboration is encouraged, and team members can leave comments and upload files for other team members. Likewise, team members never miss a task milestone with notifications and alerts when projects have new material, comments, and changes.

ganttpro chart view screenshot

Gantt chart view of a sample project. Source: GanttPro free trial.

GanttPro pricing comes in four tiers: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each price level gives you more customization options, integrations, reporting functions, and resource management tools. GanttPro customer support is available at a high level across the board on all tiers.

GanttPro reviews indicate that it’s the highest-rated project management software we reviewed. Users find it very intuitive and appreciate the high level of customer support available. With its robust features even on the Basic plan and intuitive interface, GanttPro is ideal for individuals and small businesses trying out project management software for the first time.

ganttpro assigned task screenshot

Assigned task within the project showing due date, progress, and details, while allowing uploads and team communications. Source: GanttPro free trial.

Get Started Visit Ganttpro’s website.

How much does GanttPro cost?

GanttPro plans start at $7.99/month.

Starting price:
$7.99/user per month
Free trial:
14 days
Free version:
Not Available
GanttPro Pricing & Plans
Basic Pro Business Enterprise
Starting at $7.99/month/user Starting at $12.99/month/user Starting at $19.99/month/user Customized Pricing

What’s included in every GanttPro plan? Every GanttPro plan includes multiple project views, a robust variety of task and project management tools, the ability for teams to collaborate, integration with Slack and MS Teams, and customer support. In the higher two tiers – Business and Enterprise, you get into custom fields, reporting features, resource management tools, and several more integrations.

ganttpro reporting options screenshot

GanttPro reporting options. Source: GanttPro free trial.

Which features does GanttPro offer?

Project Management Software Features
Free 14-day trial available
Pre-built Gantt chart templates available on all levels
Increased ability to create custom fields and run reports with each tier
Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, plus more as you increase tiers
Each user gets 1GB of storage

Other notable GanttPro features

  • Multiple views of each project and plan, including Gantt chart, grid views, board view, and portfolio view
  • Project calendar
  • Auto scheduling tasks
  • Resource management in higher tiers
  • Advanced options for GanttPro export and import
  • Budget tracking
  • Time management tools

Get Started Visit Ganttpro’s website.

What types of support does GanttPro offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

GanttPro user review highlights

We analyzed 756 user reviews about GanttPro from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

Very few negative GanttPro reviews exist, but customizations seem to be the biggest complaint when hard-pressed for something missing. Users want more ways to customize fields, dashboards, reports, and calendars. Other than customization, one GanttPro review mentioned that offline access would be helpful.

Of the GanttPro pros and cons, the pros by far win out. Users find the software to be incredibly intuitive, clean, and functional. They report saving time by quickly switching between projects. GanttPro export and import capabilities also win praise, and users find the pairing of GanttPro Microsoft teams is a winning combination. Furthermore, users love the collaboration tools with the ability to easily invite collaborators and even share projects with key stakeholders.

ganttpro invite by email screenshot

Easily invite people to collaborate by email. Source: GanttPro free trial.

  • Ease of Setup – Reviewers report being able to move their projects over to GanttPro and have it set up and up and running quickly.
  • Ease of Use – The biggest standout GanttPro feature is its clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface.
  • Features – Users appreciate the critical path highlight, collaboration features, the pre-built Gantt charts, and the resources and budget tracking features.
  • Quality of Support – In all the reviews we read, only one complains about a lack of support.
  • Value for Money – Users all report finding GanttPro a good value for the money calling it affordable and time-saving.
ganttpro individual workload screenshot

Tracking individual workload per project. Source: GanttPro free trial.

GanttPro Contact Information

Parent Company:
Warsaw, Poland
Year Founded:

GanttPro alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
GanttPro $7.99/user per month 4.75
Trello $5/user per month 4.5
Teamwork $9.99 per month 4.75

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