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Updated December 22, 2023

Trello is a Kanban project management tool that allows users and teams to organize projects, tasks, and workflows on a highly customizable Trello board with cards and integrations. It’s a one-size-fits-all tool for small to enterprise businesses and everyone in between. Trello stands out with its ability to integrate with hundreds of the most popular business apps and plugins, making it easy for teams to coordinate all their projects within one platform seamlessly.


  • Over 200 popular business integrations
  • No need to know code or be IT savvy
  • Robust free version with unlimited users and cards
  • Highly customizable workflows
  • Trello mobile app available

  • More integrations cost more
  • No phone support
  • No live training or onboarding
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Best for integrations

What is Trello?

Trello, owned by Atlassian, gives a visual Kanban view of projects through boards and then cards within each board. Each board allows the admin to provide access to selected users and assign tasks with due dates and cards for each task.

trello kanban view screenshot

Trello desktop showing a Kanban view of a project management board with different cards. Source: Trello user dashboard.

trello card screenshot

A Trello card within the project management board. Source: Trello desktop app dashboard.

Trello’s pricing strategy is straightforward and affordable. A Trello free version is available that supports up to 10 boards with unlimited cards per board and unlimited users. The Trello free version comes with a limited amount of file storage, as well as some customizations. The higher-priced versions get more add-ons than the already robust Trello free.

Get Started Visit Atlassian’s website to get started

A standout feature for Trello is their Power-Ups. This allows users to integrate their boards with plugins and other platforms they already work with. Admins can add these Power-Ups to each board to further enhance the functionality of the project management software. For example, some popular Power-Ups include Google Drive and Slack.

trello power-ups screenshot

The many Trello Power-Ups available to users. Source: Trello desktop app dashboard.

Users can create Power-Ups to share with the Trello community or for their own private use making Trello that much more flexible and compatible with other programs. Of course, the higher Trello pricing you pay, the more Power-Up options you have, as some are limited to the higher Trello pricing tiers.

Due to its many integration opportunities and the unlimited number of boards, cards within boards, and users, Trello is an ideal project management tool for most businesses, small or large. It’s truly ideal for anyone needing to integrate services. Trello reviews indicate that overall, most users are pleasantly pleased with Trello finding it extremely helpful in keeping their projects organized and staying up to date on the progress of each.

trello login screenshot

Trello login showing popular templates, recently viewed boards, and the user’s workspaces. Source: Trello user dashboard upon Trello login.

How much does Trello cost?

Trello plans start at $5/month.

Starting price:
$5 per user per month
Free trial:
Not Available
Free version:
Trello Pricing & Plans
Free Standard Premium Enterprise
Starting at $0 Starting at $5/month/user Starting at $10/month/user Starting at $17.50/month/user
Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users

What’s included in every Trello plan? Every Trello plan gets unlimited cards and users. Each plan also gets storage, custom backgrounds and stickers, an activity log, assignee and due dates, and 2-factor authentication. The free plan is limited to just ten boards per workspace, while the higher levels get more boards, custom fields, more storage, more workspaces, higher security, and higher levels of customer support.

Which features does Trello offer?

Project Management Software Features
A free version with unlimited users, ten boards, and unlimited cards for the boards
Over 200 integrations through Power-Ups on each board
Customize boards to meet project needs through custom fields, checklists, and command automation
Storage even at the free level and increasing in size with each level up
Trello app available for iOS and Android users

Other notable Trello features

  • View projects in multiple ways including boards, timeline, table, dashboard, map and workspace
  • Multiple board templates available
  • Ability to create your own workspace
  • Automation available for each board
trello pre-built templates screenshot

Pre-built templates sorted by category and industry. Source: Trello user dashboard.

What types of support does Trello offer?

Data Migration
1-on-1 Live Training
Self-Guided Online Training
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Live Chat
Phone Support

Trello user review highlights

We analyzed 36,838 user reviews about Trello from four third-party review websites to provide this summary.

There are so many Trello user reviews, and most are very positive. Of the Trello negative reviews, users find that the software could add a few more features to encourage and make team collaborations easier. And some users find needing to pay to upgrade to better tools annoying. Beyond those few gripes, the biggest complaint in Trello user reviews was that it is almost too flexible – especially for large companies.

As one user points out, very little is established with a new Trello board, and if someone doesn’t take charge and organize it, the project can easily become chaotic. Along those same lines, if a card is created within a board for a project, anyone can make changes to the card – meaning that the person in charge isn’t always the person making changes which can become a problem with too many cooks in the kitchen. Finally, Trello app reviews indicate that the Android app specifically tends to be a little slow and freezes a lot.

Of the Trello pros and cons, the positive reviews are abundant. Users just love the simplicity of the Trello desktop app and find it incredibly useful in organizing projects. The notifications get a lot of praise, with users saying when a card is moved, they know it immediately through an email notification. Trello user reviews also indicate that the ability to upload documents to boards and the many customizations and integrations make Trello a fantastic program.

  • Ease of Setup – Trello users appreciate that you don’t need to be IT savvy or undergo extensive training to setup and use Trello right away.
  • Ease of Use – Many Trello customer reviews gush over ease of use, saying it works so well, even on the free tier, that there is nothing to complain about.
  • Features – Favored features of the Trello app include notifications, customizations, and integrations.
  • Quality of Support – We did not see any complaints about Trello customer support.
  • Value for Money – Overall, users find that Trello is well worth the money and saves them so much time organizing and collaborating on projects.

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Trello alternatives

Software Starting Price B2B Reviews Score
Trello $5/user per month 4.5
Teamwork $9.99/month 4.75
GanttPro $7.99/user per month 4.75

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