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Our auto repair software picks for 2024

By: DAN KENITZ | Fact Checked By: JAMIE OSTROE | Updated: December 19, 2023

When you’re repairing someone’s car, they’re not likely in the best of moods. You need systems in place to make the customer experience smooth. Go beyond brakes, tires, and replaced solenoids. Think about billing, invoicing, tracking the car’s history, and handling inventory so well you never have to call them up and apologize because you don’t have the parts. So, what is the best auto repair software to get your business running like the well-oiled machines you maintain? We’ll get to that faster than you can say vroom, vroom.

Our Top Picks

  1. AutoLeap – Best Overall Auto Repair Software
  2. Alldata – Best for Large Auto Repair Shops
  3. Shopmonkey – Best for Small Auto Repair Shops
  4. TekMetric – Best for Budget-Conscious Shops
  5. MaxxTraxx – Best for Multiple Locations
  6. Steer CRM – Best for Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Auto Repair Software Reviews

Although it can be difficult to suss out which software vendors are for smaller or larger shops, we were able to compare the best small-shop features against other software on our list to come up with these recommendations. To figure out which is best for you, we ran through a list of 84 auto repair software vendors, whittled it down to our 15 favorites, and then conducted thorough research to weigh them on pricing transparency, software features, customer support, and what the market thinks of them. Read more about our methodology process to see how we made our picks.

Need help choosing? Answer a few questions and we’ll recommend a match.

autoleap logo

AutoLeap – Best Overall

What doesn’t AutoLeap do? When you find the answer to that question, let us know. Although it was a little hard to find pricing details, we found AutoLeap’s rare combination of customer support and robust features to be the ideal mix for anyone who wants to run an auto repair shop the right way.

  • Stellar online reputation
  • Robust features in an easy-to-use interface
  • Google review features help grow your shop’s reputation
  • No free trial

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AutoLeap features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Quotes/estimates
  • VIN lookup
  • Work order management

What markets does AutoLeap serve?

AutoLeap works for just about anybody, though it’s possible the pricing might move the smaller shops out of the running—in which case there are plenty of valid alternatives on this list. Otherwise? We liked everything else. Autoleap’s customer support, features, and software interface all rated very high.

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alldata logo

Alldata – Best for Large Auto Repair Shops

Alldata is a large, multi-faceted suite of software that aims at properly diagnosing the issues facing each car. Though the customer support here isn’t quite what we would have liked, the robust features more than make up for it.

  • Robust features are ideal for high-volume, large repair shops
  • Free trial and reasonable pricing
  • Less comprehensive customer support

Alldata features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Quotes/estimates
  • VIN lookup
  • Work order management
  • Free trial

What markets does Alldata serve?

Though Alldata works well for large repair shops, that isn’t to say it isn’t versatile enough to handle what small shops have to deal with. Alldata is a powerful overall tool that you can use to manage shops of nearly any size.

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shopmonkey logo

Shopmonkey – Best for Small Auto Repair Shops

Shopmonkey’s “all-in-one” solution for auto repair shops might not be exclusively targeted to small shops, but we think it makes for a natural fit. It’s an all-in-one software suite that’s simple to use, easy to navigate, and has earned plenty of trust with auto repair professionals in all sorts of shops.

  • Robust customer support
  • Powerful list of features
  • Seamlessly integrates with mobile app for on-the-run work
  • No free trial

Shopmonkey features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Quotes/estimates
  • VIN lookup
  • Work order management

What markets does Shopmonkey serve?

Like Alldata, we’re ranking Shopmonkey for a specific segment. But we don’t want to necessarily say that it will only serve that segment. It’s simply that Shopmonkey’s customer management flow is great for anyone who needs to put together a professional company without an expensive budget. Shopmonkey’s lower-priced tier comes in under Alldata’s, as well, which makes it a good fit for someone starting out in auto repair.

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tekmetric logo

TekMetric – Best for Budget-Conscious Shops

TekMetric’s features can compete with just about any offering on this list. So what makes it ideal for the budget-conscious shop? Though it doesn’t have a free trial, we found TekMetric’s combination of pricing to features makes it an especially frugal option for someone exploring the world of auto repair software.

  • Affordably-priced for all budgets
  • Streamlined workflow is versatile for big or small shops
  • Payment processing is easy to use
  • No free trial

TekMetric features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Quotes/estimates
  • VIN lookup
  • Work order management

What markets does TekMetric serve?

TekMetric doesn’t aim at large or small shops, but it’s priced like it’s aimed at small shops. The in-house messaging tool also offers a way to manage a larger team of repair service people at your shop, making TekMetric surprisingly versatile for the price.

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maxxtraxx logo

MaxxTraxx – Best for Multiple Locations

MaxxTraxx from ScottSystems, like the above options, offers a full suite of features that just about anyone—no matter how large or small—can use. But MaxxTraxx also features a “Corporate” edition which can be great for anyone running a shop from the perspective of a large business. Or, in some cases, running multiple locations.

  • Affordable, budget-friendly pricing
  • “Corporate” edition for businesses with multiple locations
  • Stellar ratings for customer support
  • MaxxTraxx Desktop is not Mac or Linux compatible

MaxxTraxx features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Quotes/estimates
  • VIN lookup
  • Work order management

What markets does MaxxTraxx serve?

Versatile. We’ve mentioned the “Corporate” edition because it’s so well-suited for larger companies who have multiple locations to manage. However, that isn’t to say that you should rule MaxxTraxx out of the running simply because you have a smaller shop. Its lower pricing tiers are budget-friendly, which makes it stack up against anything on this list.

Steer CRM logo

Steer CRM – Best for Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Steer CRM is a unique tool for auto repair shops because it provides not only basic customer management, scheduling, and vehicle diagnostics but it also provides marketing tools and reputation management. The combination will help your business grow from repeat and new customers.

  • Marketing through text, email, and mailers
  • Client and vehicle histories
  • Auto-reminders for appointments and maintenance
  • Very few user reviews
  • No free trial

Steer CRM features

  • Marketing campaigns through text, email, and physical mailers
  • Marketing analytics
  • Online scheduling, schedule reminders, and maintenance alerts
  • Integrates with many shop management programs
  • Reputation management

What markets does Steer CRM serve?

By supporting growth through marketing and reputation management, Steer CRM is ideal for auto shops looking to grow.

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Compare the best auto repair software options side-by-side

Software name Why we picked It Starting price for cheapest plan Highlights
AutoLeap Best Overall Auto Repair Software Request a quote Outstanding marketing features and user interface
Alldata Best for Large Auto Repair Shops $189/month Parts locating system within inventory management
Shopmonkey Best for Small Auto Repair Shops $124.99/month Easy-to-use interface and messaging system
TekMetric Best for Budget-Conscious Shops $99/month Easy to present customers with estimates
MaxxTraxx Best for Multiple Locations $99/month Great price-to-value ratio
SteerCRM Best for Auto Repair Shop Marketing Request a Quote Marketing through text, email, and mailers

What is auto repair software?

Auto repair software is the suite of tools necessary to run a car shop. This includes generating quotes and estimates for customers, tracking vehicle histories, handling inventory management to ensure you’re never short on parts, and more. One key feature we noticed that every auto repair software should have, but doesn’t always: VIN lookup. In a survey of auto repair shop owners that we recently conducted, this was the number one feature that they all used daily. With the right auto repair software handy, you can handle an entire customer action from the front desk.

Who is auto repair software for?

  • Large, auto repair businesses. These shops especially need auto repair software because they have a lot of inventory to manage, a lot of customers to track, and not a lot of time to spend in office management.
  • Small auto repair shops. Even if you have fewer employees and fewer garages, a small auto repair shop can use an affordable way to create professional invoices and never lose track of customer data.
  • Multi-faceted shops. Some auto repair shops don’t only offer auto repair but are part of larger companies like automotive dealerships.

What does auto repair software do?

  • Inventory management, billing & invoicing, and quickly generating quotes for customers will be key features here. With a higher volume of customers to deal with, the speed and convenience of the software become paramount.
  • Features like inventory management are still important, but small auto repair shops have fewer resources. That means budget and customer support will be bigger concerns for small auto repair shops.
  • Multi-faceted shops and dealerships may have the same needs as large auto repair shops, but with an increased emphasis on the versatility of the software and its ability to place nice with other types of software.

Benefits of using auto repair software

One of the key benefits of using auto repair software is you can trace everything to one source. Do you need to order a part? The right software can handle it. Need to look up a VIN? Ditto there. Auto repair software should create a streamlined approach to your business that makes customers trust that you’re not only professional, but you know what you’re doing.

How much does auto repair software cost?

Generally speaking, we found the auto repair software in our list of finalists ran from about $99 per month to about $199 per month—though there will always be exceptions. In a recent survey of auto shop owners that we conducted, these prices are pretty accurate, and those we spoke to paid monthly prices ranging from $154 to $220. Most vendors will charge you by the month rather than big, upfront purchases. You may also notice that the pricing tiers can be affected by how many features you need.

In some cases, even modest pricing can be challenging for small shops to manage. “Know what your basic needs are and know what extra features you want so that you are not buying into something that you won’t use all of it 100 percent,” cautions one auto repair shop owner we interviewed. Knowing your exact needs helps you identify more affordable solutions that keep costs down.

Who should use auto repair software, and what are the different types?

Anyone running a professional auto repair shop needs auto repair software of some type. Many of the vendors we found on our list are capable of handling multiple categories—from large to small—but we find that these are some of the key offerings available:

  • Basic auto repair software — these are the vendors and pricing tiers that can get your shop up and running, but may not necessarily be robust enough to handle multiple locations or larger businesses.
  • High-volume auto repair software — If you’re a dealership or a company with multiple locations, you might want to opt for the software with features like employee management and communication. That’s your indicator that you’re dealing with software that’s thinking about big teams.
  • Auto repair shop marketing software — Auto repair shops of all sizes want to attract and retain customers. A company like Mechanic Advisor is a great option for auto repair shops that currently use shop management software but want to crank up marketing with text, email, and direct mail campaigns.

Auto repair software FAQs

What is the best automotive software?
We’ve got a few suggestions on our list. We noticed great reputations for Shopmonkey, Shop-Ware, TekMetrik, Autoleap, and Alldata. But a good reputation alone doesn’t make for great software. We also had to take into account the features, the customer support, and the pricing of each offering to come up with a list of which service is best suited to which kind of auto repair shop. You can find our results above.

Is there an app for auto mechanics?
There is! You’ll notice that many of our top picks offer mobile apps which make it easier for mechanics to work and communicate while on the go. This is particularly useful for anyone who works in an auto repair shop with a lot of employees—which means a lot of communication. But you’ll typically find that apps for auto mechanics are easy to find these days, with many of the offerings on our list offering mobile and tablet versions of their software.

What are the best software features for auto mechanics?
Anything that helps you get your day done more quickly and efficiently is going to be an ideal feature. We particularly looked for the following five features when weighing our options: billing and invoicing, inventory management, quotes and estimates, VIN lookup, and work order management. Of course, this is just a selection of the features offered by some of the top solutions in auto repair software. But we wanted to establish a baseline of service—these are the features that help auto repair owners run their shop like a true business.

When searching for the best auto repair software for your business, one shop owner we interviewed said, “Figure out first what is a MUST HAVE for your business to run smoothly and demo at least two software programs to see which one will best suit your business needs.” Sound advice.

What can auto repair software do?
Ideally, it should do everything except the repairing itself. If you need to order new inventory or track new parts, you should do that through your software. If you need to generate an on-the-fly estimate for a customer, your software should be able to print that out right away. Everything you can think of that will give your customers a smoother experience generally falls under the umbrella of effective auto repair software.

Your auto repair software should also play nice with others – it’s ideal if it integrates with other software. A recent poll revealed that shop owners look for integrations with payroll, time tracking, accounting software, and customer records. However, we should note that one shop owner we polled said, “It can stand alone as long as it can estimate labor and do everything start to finish from creating the ticket to invoicing customers.”

How we chose the best auto repair software

Think of it as a big funnel. We started with a massive list of 84 software vendors, poured everything in a big bowl, and we saw what came out the other end.

Okay, fine. It’s a little bit more involved and sophisticated than that. Of the initial 84 software vendors, we were able to suss out 15 that seemed to perform a bit above the rest. We then zoomed in on those, asking questions like:

  • What kinds of features does the software offer? It was highly polarized. We found many that fit our five basic needs—as mentioned in the FAQs—but some that barely had any.
  • What kind of customer support do they offer? We used multiple factors in customer support to come up with an ultimate “out-of-five” customer support score for each offering.
  • What kind of reputation does the software have? For this, we leaned a little on the online reputation of each software offering. Do they have a lot of online reviews? If not, the limited sample size was a bit of a knock against them. Meanwhile, a high score with a large sample size earned a great reputation score.

These questions helped us whittle things down. But there’s also a “feel” to auto repair software that’s difficult to put into quantifiable terms.

But we did! We gave each one a score. We were able to use a combination of reputation scores, lists of features, pricing, and customer support features to get a more comprehensive picture of each vendor. And scoring things this way made it easier to find our recommendations at a glance.

From there, we whittled our list down to the several you see here. Pick one of the vendors on this list, and you’ll be able to take on any challenge that rolls into the shop.

We collect information about vendors and verify it through:

  • Interviews
  • Video and live demos
  • Vendor and parent company websites

The B2B Reviews editorial team consists of researchers, writers and editors who cover all aspects of business-to-business software and services across a wide variety of industries. Our research takes hours, days and weeks to compile and analyze the data that backs our recommendations. Our goal is to make this painstaking process our job so you can get back to doing yours.