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Startup Software Checklist

Entering the market with a new business can be scary. Entering the market and taking it by storm can be downright daunting, but that’s exactly what start-ups do. According to Steve Blank, famed Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Author, a start-up is an organization that searches for a repeatable and scalable business model. Not one that just executes it. They enter a market with the intent to change the market by finding a scalable, repeatable process that works quickly and efficiently to make them a top name in their respective market.

Remote Work Toolkit

Whether you’re responding to emails from your phone while out and about, working from a coffee shop for the day, or simply engaging with co-workers in a different city, most of us find ourselves “working remotely” in one way or another.

The Best States to Start a Business

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar small business or a tech company with a remote workforce, you can’t argue that it helps to be headquartered in a state with business-friendly taxes, high-quality workers, and affordable living.


Companies working with Gusto payroll get a full-service payroll with options for single and multiple state payroll, unlimited payroll runs, direct deposit, HR tools, reporting, and customer service, among other features.

HR Issues Tech Edition

The tech industry is known for number-crunching and high-level computing, but human resources departments (HR) are supposed to place emphasis on the human aspects of the workplace. Does HR feel human enough in the tech industry?

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